Do Not Commercialise Education – ESL Narasimhan

Hyderabad, April 21 (Maxim News):Speaking on the occasion of 6th Convocation of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Hyderabad, Governor Narasimhan said that education should not be commercialised and implored the students to not to treat Goddess Saraswati as Goddess Lakshmi.

Governor, delivering the Convocation Address at the University as Chancellor of the University further said that mere producing of Doctorates and Technology graduates by the University is not going to help the society. He said as the University has 4 lakh students in its rolls including the affiliated colleges, they should produce at least 2 useful papers in a month, which can help the society alleviate various problems afflicting the society, such as drought like situation, health care etc. He said that wealth without health is of no use. Students should focus on research on subjects which are more relevant to the society today such as how to overcome shortage of food production and how to overcome problem of hunger of the millions of people in the country and how affordable health care can be provided to the masses.

Research should also be taken up in the areas of energy security, exploring alternative sources of energy, minimising cost of production of alternative sources of energy such as solar energy, wind energy etc., the Chancellor said. He also questioned that why solar panels should be imported from Japan and why can’t we produce within the country.

The Chancellor also said that huge investments in irrigation projects in the country are posing major challenge to the Governments and students should explore possibility of reduction of cost in irrigation projects though minor irrigation projects and desilting of irrigation tanks and how can we ensure increase in water tables.

The Chancellor also said that Science & Technology should play a beneficial role for societal development. He also said that the high proportion of migration of population from rural to urban will be disastrous in the coming days. He further implored the students to examine how do we really make technology useful for the society and safe is the society, how safe are the bank reforms.

The Chancellor lamented that by relying on electronic gadgets and machines like Ipads and computers for everything the thinking capabilities of human brain are getting eroded. He said Artificial Intelligence should not replace thinking capabilities of human brain. India is known for great thinkers who predicted astronomical occurrences quite accurately in the olden days in the absence of present day gadgets and technological advancement. He said digital gadgets can be used up to a point and that should not erode quality of life and objective of technology is not to kill the thinking process.

Chancellor also said that students should build a value system for the country and safeguard the society from collapse of value system and collapse of moral values. He said that it is deplorable that our country which has given Yoga and Pranayama to the world, is now having to import them from other countries and hear about their virtues from foreigners.

The Chancellor implored the students to feel proud to be Indians and hold their head high and said that quality of education is important than quantity of education and advised the Vice Chancellor of the JNTU-H to examine the system of University affiliation on the basis of quality and not quantity. (Maxim News)

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