‘Hindi Medium’ Movie Review

‘Hindi Medium’
U; Comedy/Drama
Director: Saket Chaudhary
Cast: Irrfan, Saba Qamar, Deepak Dobriyal
Rating: 3/5

To start with, for the point it’s trying to make, and how far it goes with it, this film is more than a bit of a stretch, in the interest of humour, mostly. But within all the exaggerations (some of it unnecessary), frankly, I can’t recall a movie that’s emanated so directly from two recent and important pieces of Indian legislation. Which makes this quite unique, actually.

Firstly the film deals with the 2009 Right To Education Act, which stipulates that 25 per cent of all seats in public and private schools be reserved for the poor, who needn’t pay fees. It was a landmark call. I don’t know how much of that law has been implemented yet.

Two, the film digs into the 2016 Delhi Government ruling that admissions to schools in the national capital be foremost based on your residential address—starting with families whose homes are at 1 km radius from the concerned institution, then 3-6 km, and 6-plus thereafter.

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