Jagga Jasoos Movie Review

This film itself is a serious leap of faith. Now it depends on whether the audience is also willing to take that leap. On the face of it, they should be. Honestly, I know no two faces as pleasant as Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif on the Indian screen. They naturally shine before the camera. And while Katrina may have a thing or two to worry about her performances per se, it’s hard to find an actor so sorted, and yet with an innate star-like quality as Ranbir.

That said, for all cause and effect, this is a completely children’s movie. Clearly that part of the message doesn’t seem to have been relayed well as I look around at the morning show in my theatre, which is half packed, but mainly with young adults—the lead actor’s personal fan base. There isn’t a single kid. Now that’s a bummer.

Ranbir Kapoor, 34, plays the orphaned high-school boy Jagga, in a uniform that could perhaps pass off for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts’, while the upward lick on the side of his full-hair decidedly belongs to Tintin, and the picture itself is a self-aware Hollywood style musical, since li’l Jagga can overcome his severe stammer only if he sings aloud what he wants to say, in perfectly poetic meter.

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