Three arrested with 8 Kg Ganja in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, July 24 (Maxim News): On July 23 evening hours, the sleuths of Commissioner’s Task Force, Central Zone team, Hyderabad apprehended accused persons near Ramdevguda, Golconda, Hyderabad who are in possession of “Ganja” Narcotic substance. Seized 08 Kgs Ganja and (03) Cell Phones from them.

Details of the Accused:
1. Maruthi Rathod S/o Ram Singh Rathod, age: 45 years, OCc: Farmer, R/o Yenakpalli (V), Nagalgiddi (M), Sangareddy (Dist.), Telangana.2. Karra Nehru S/o Shankar, age: 30 Years, Occ: Farmer, R/o Kishan Naik (Tanda), Venkatapuram (V), Narayanaked (M), Sangareddy (Dist.), Telangana.3. Ajmeera Sawai Singh S/o Dhum Singh, age: 40 years, Occ: Farmer, R/o  Kishan Naik (Tanda), Irakapally (V), Nagalgidda (M), Sangareddy (Dist.), Telangana.4. Mothi Ram Occ; Auto Driver, R/o Gowtham Nagar Colony, Patancheru (Absconding)

Details of the case:
The Accused persons are Farmers and all are belongs to Sangareddy District. As per the directions of one Mothi Ram, Occ: Auto Driver R/o Gowtham Nagar Colony, Patancheru they came to Hyderabad to sell the Narcotic Substance to the known customers in the Golconda area on the commission basis. On the reliable information, they were taken in to custody on 23/07/2017 evening hours, while they were waiting near Ramdevguda, Golconda, Hyderabad from their possession recovered 8 kgs of Ganja by the Central Zone Task Force Team.

The accused persons along with the seized material i.e, Narcotic substance Ganja 8 Kgs and (03) Cell Phones were handed over to Golconda Police, Hyderabad for further investigation.

The arrest was made under the supervision of B.Limba Reddy, Dy. Commissioner of Police, Commissioner’s Task Force by S.Srinivasa Rao, Inspector of Police, Central Zone Task Force Team with the assistance of SI’s B. Kantha Reddy, and PCs B. Eshwar Vijendra kumar, S. Durgesh of Central Zone team, Commissioner’s Task Force, Hyderabad. Dy. Commissioner of Police,Commissioner’s Task Force, Hyderabad City said in media release.

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