Counselling proved to be successful to stop youth from joining IS Police

Special Police Station Comes Up To Look Into Unauthorized Establishments In TS

Hyderabad, Oct 2 (Maxim News): Five youth from Telangana believed to joined the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq they were radicalized abroad, police sources said.

Two amongst them — Mohiuddin from Warangal and Hameed belonging to First Lancer in Hyderabad — reportedly joined the group in February and April respectively.

While the other Two — Arshad Ali and Kadir — left for the Middle East last year and crossed over into Syria to join the group. A B.Tech Graduate, Mohd Ateef Waseem from Adilabad who was residing in Shastripuram, died fighting for IS in Syria last May, the sources claimed. “Most of the NRI youth are hooked to social media as they are away from their family. It is easy for the recruiters to radicalize them through videos and chats,” a police officer said.

Same was the case with Mohiuddin and Hameed who were working for a construction company in Saudi Arabia. Being away from their families, they enjoyed a lot freedom and were radicalized during their stay in the country.

Similarly, Waseem was radicalized during his stay in London and Dubai between 2013 and 2014. He reportedly joined the group towards the end of 2014 and died in March 2015.

His death is yet to be confirmed as his family relied on a message sent to them from Syria. Ali and Kadir, both in their 20s left for Dubai last year.

Initially, the duo was headed to Singapore and arrived in Dubai last December. Since then there is no word from them and the police suspect that they came in contact with IS recruiters in Dubai.

The police information that an NRI, Salman Mohiuddin, who was caught at the RGI airport while on his way to join the IS, was radicalized online by a woman Nicky Joseph, during his stay in the United States. “All those believed to have joined the IS were radicalized during their stay in foreign countries and they joined the group directly from those countries,” intelligence agencies said.

Meanwhile, the Telangana police was successful in stopping vulnerable youth from joining the IS. Close to 35 persons who were planning to join IS or were attracted to the group were stopped by security agencies and counseled in the presence of their families.

Religious scholars and community elders were roped into this process. “Two persons who were counselled were caught in Nagpur when they attempted to join the group for the second time. Cases were registered against them.

A look at the overall results shows that counselling proved to be successful. In a few instances, families alerted us about their wards joining the group,” a senior police officer said.

In June, the national investigation agency (NIA) busted a seven-member IS module in the city. The group planned series of terror attacks in Hyderabad and other parts of the country. During a pan-India raid in January, NIA caught 14 persons, including two from Telangana — 33-year old Obeidullah Khan, owner of a Computer Shop, and 54- year-old Mohd Shareed Moinuddin, an electrician. (Maxim News)

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