Implementing inter-discipline courses

SRM University president P Satyanarayana informed that according to an MoU between the university and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore research-based interactive inter-discipline courses will be implemented in the university to meet the needs of the students of present generations.

A team of professors from NTU under the leadership of its president Professor Bertin Andersson visited SRM University on Tuesday and held interaction with the faculty to design new teaching methods and need based inter-discipline courses.

Later, Satyanarayana said, “The main object of the SRM- NTU MoU is to develop the Amaravati campus as an international standard institute by adopting best teaching practices like interactive teaching method instead of traditional class room lecture system.”

He said that NTU has to prepare and design new courses to improve the knowledge, skill and creativity among the new young students. He also said that SRM will constitute some centres of excellence like ‘Centre for Renewable Energy’, ‘Centre for Satellite Technology’, ‘Centre for Internet of Things’, ‘Centre for Blue Economy’, ‘Centre for CRISPR’.

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