Jana Sena to start online enrollment drive in Telugu States

Jana Sena will be launching its online enrollment drive of party supporters during the months of November and December in both AP and TS.

The party’s IT wing is working out several modules to come up with a simplified procedure in the software application to help enroll all interested persons as early as possible. This is following intense speculation about early polls taking place especially in AP, though they are scheduled to be held in 2019.

After the launch of Jana Sena party by Pawan Kalyan in March, 2014, the membership drive was taken up for a brief period in both the states. But that has been the only big enrolment drive taken so far. Though the party chief intended to start the enrolment early, it failed to take off as a module that would simplify the app was still being worked upon. The idea was that all sections of people should be able to avail the software application and enrol for the party’s primary membership by submitting basic details like their name, gender, age, residential address, academic qualifications, professional experience and mobile number.

Party leaders are confident that once the online enrolment drive starts, the response will be stupendous. The party leaders have said that so far they had successfully completed enrolment of as many as 60,000 resource persons including speakers, analysts and content writers in AP and TS.

The party also has Seva Dal members and a large following of fans and activists. Party representatives state that youngsters, professionals, housewives and retired employees were also showing a lot of interest in joining the party and to help their party chief in resolving the various issues that were facing the state.

They said that those who were aware of the party ideology of fighting for the rights of the commoners would join the party without expecting any personal benefit. They said that once the party chief completed his ongoing film projects, he would plunge into active politics from November-December onwards.

Party sources say that their chief is coming up with a plan to dedicate 2018 as the year to reach out to the people propagating the commitment of the party. The party will be availing the services of resource persons to come with lists of local problems and ways and means to address them effectively.

Jana Sena AP and TS vice president B. Mahendar Reddy said, “Our teams are developing a software application to make it more user friendly to take up online enrolment drive in both the states and it may take place anytime from now as we are ready with the app with just the design of the application waiting to be readied.”


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