Pawan Kalyan To Give Deadline To AP Govt

Pawan Kalyan came down heavily on the Ruling Party while responding on the issue related to assault of Dalit Woman in Pendurthi. Pointing out the evil act of TDP Leaders on a woman, He maintained People seek an explanation from AP Govt on the Visakhapatnam incident where a helpless woman was brutally assaulted by some political leaders. ‘In broad daylight, a group of men attacking a woman… whichever community she could be & whatever the reason could be.. is not at all justified. I was deeply disturbed by what I heard & saw. Lack of stringent action by police & Govt on perpetrators will send wrong indications in public. In Situations like this I show restraint not to incite emotions as I had seen the repercussions of Karamchedu & Chunduru incidents. Parties need to find a way to debate in AP Assembly to avert future situations like this,’ he said.

Jana Sena Supremo warned the outcome won’t be a pleasant one if Government doesn’t respond properly. He advises Government to recall how Rohit Vemula’s incident shook the entire nation. ‘Request the authorities not to be mute spectators. If I come and address the issue personally, it would put a tremendous load on authorities in every way possible. Hence I plead Govt to make sure that helpless woman honour be restored and justice be done,’ cautioned Powerstar.

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