RSS Survey: Danger Bells to BJP?

Various Reports in National Media suggests that RSS has commissioned a survey across the country has arrived at a conclusion that BJP will lose at least 60 seats than the seats it got in 2014 elections which means it can not form the government on its own.

BJP has got 282 seats in the last elections and with allies, NDA has got 336 seats. The survey says the party will lose immensely in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh this time. So, the survey should be an eye-opener to BJP to respect its allies going further.

All the partners of NDA are not happy with BJP for one reason or other. Major partners like Shiv Sena and TDP are not totally confirmed to stay with BJP in 2019. Mostly due to the disrespect meted by the BJP bosses. It has to be seen if there is going to be a change in attitude.

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