Reservation for Women is a need of the hour: Y.S. Chowdary

Empowerment of women enables vibrant functioning of the Democracy- Union minister of state for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Mr. Y.S. Chowdary

Vijayawada, Feb 11 (Maxim News): The Union Minister of State for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Mr. Y.S. Chowdary said that Empowerment of women enables vibrant functioning of the Democracy.

While addressing the gathering at the National Women Parliament in Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh here on Saturday, the Union Minister of state said that Reservation for Women is a need of the hour. He also said that interdependency between male and female is to be respected. Every home is being managed by Women, women are the king makers in every home, they influence most of the decisions of the family. Mr. Chowdary further said that India is the largest democracy in the world by having different cultures and religions. India is Extremely good and Unique in the world. We should proud to be Indians. In terms of attitude, Mindset and in exercising responsibilities and Authority women are well advanced across the world. The Union Minister urged the women that they should think about their capabilities and they should try to be independent while contributors of development of the Nation.

Participating in the National Women parliament the Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States Mr. E.S.L. Narasimhan said that long term women security policies based gender equality will be helpful for socio economic development of the women. In order to build a healthy society we have to focus health and education of the women. Speaking on the occasion Justice Rohini Chief justice of Delhi High court has said that Education, power and Financial Security will enable the empowerment of the women. Right to equality is a constitutional right under Article 14 of Indian Constitution and it has to be implemented in letter and spirit. The crimes against women like domestic violence , dowry harassment, Child Marriages can be encountered through Education of women. The Education mixed with ethical values will provide self confidence and courage to face the challenges in life. Deputy Representative, UN Women India Multi-Country Office said that economic empowerment of the women is most important factor, the challenges of violence against women can be contain through education and political power.

In this three-day National conclave more than 405 women Members of Legislative Assemblies and 92 women Members of Parliament of India, Union Ministers and Ministers from State Government being attended. Several eminent women from all walks of life are interacting and deliberating with them. about 10,000 girl students also participating across the nation to establish direct connect with policy makers, leaders and other women of eminence about grass root challenges being faced by young women in India. (Maxim News)

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