Accused Manufacturing Duplicate /Adulterate /Spurious Material Apprehended

Hyderabad, Feb 24 (Maxim News): The sleuths of Task Force, Central Zone team along with staff of Kachiguda PS on credible information laid a trap near Kumar Theatre, in the limits of Kachiguda PS, apprehended accused Mahendra Singh R/o.Nagaram N/o.Rajastan State along with others accused  Mithlesh Kumar age 23 years, occu: Labour R/o. katedan, and triyam Kumar age 19 years, occu; Labour both native of Samastipur, Bihar state who were  illegally established manufacturing, packing units. Apprehended (03) Accused persons along with one juvenile and seized huge quantities of duplicate raw material, spurious/adulterated food material, packing, sealing machines etc.

The accused were illegally procuring and selling general store duplicate/Adulterate/Spurious Coconut Hair oil on the brand name of Parachute, duplicate Detergent powders on the brand name of Surf Excel, Wheel and other duplicate floor cleaning liquids on the brand name of Lizol, Harpic and spurious/Adulterate tea powders on the brand name of Red Label, Brook bond , Spurious Masala powder on the brand name of Everest etc. On lead with the assistance of Authorised representative of Marico Limited and Hindustan Unilever Limited and PNG Ltd conducted simultaneous raids at 3 places in the limits of Nagaram, Keesara Mandal (Rachakonda), Katedhan industrial area in the limits of Mailardevpally area (Cyberabad) wherein 

The absconding accused persons are 1)Shyam Bhati R/o. Kachiguda, Hyderaba N/o. Rajasthan State, 2)Kamal BhatiR/o. Kachiguda, Hyderaba N/o. Rajasthan State 3)Jairam R/o. Begum Bazar, Hyderabad and seized duplicate products/Material & Manufacture, packing machinery :-

Worth about 2 Crore rupees

Accused Manufacturing Duplicate /Adulterate /Spurious Material Apprehended
Accused Manufacturing Duplicate /Adulterate /Spurious Material Apprehended

1) Parachute coconut oil – weg 175 ML & 100 ML-136 bottles
2) Surf Excel big bar -Weg  250 grams, 65,  -160 box (9600 packets)  
3) Surf Excel Detergent cake 250 grams packing rolls-5 Packing rolls -35 Kgs
4) Surf excel Detergent Cake 250 grams Empty cotton box-25 box  (1250 box)
5) Surf Excel Quick wash powder 60 grams & 20 grams – Empty bags-17 (1700 bags)
6) Surf Excel Detergent cake 250 grams Soaps without outer cover-420  box  (25,200 covers)
7) Surf Excel Detergent cake with soap each weg  250 grams-21 box (1260 soaps)
8) Surf Excel Quick wash Rapper roll each 60 grams + 20 grams-One roll 6 Kgs
9) Active Wheel 2 in 1 Detergent powder  – Weg 500, 100 grams -125 bags (850 packets)
10) Brook bond Red Label Tea Powder – Weg  250 Grams -72  Nos
11) Red Label Tea powder – each 250 & 28 Grams-39 bags (884 packet)
12) Harpic Liquid – Weg 500 ML-4 carton box (96 bottles)
13) Lizol  Liquid Weg 500 ML -07 carton box (168 bottles)
14) Empty plastic Coconut bottles of 500, 250,175,100 ml -85 bags
15) Bottles caps -25 bags
16) Every Green loose  oil tin empty-200 Tins
17) Oil Barrels Filled Tin-150 tins
18) Oil Barrels Empty tines-100 tins
19) Surf Excel Detergent cake rapper rolls -250 grams-3 rolls Weg about 20 Kgs  
20) Surf Excel Detergent powder Empty cotton boxes each 1 KG-1020 pieces
21) Red Label Tea Powder finished packet –each 28 grams-800 pieces
22) Red Label Empty Cotton Boxes each 500 grams-1000
23) Surf excel Detergent cake  each 250 grams with soap cake -45 pieces
24) Red label Tea powder Empty boxes each 100 grams -500 pieces
25) Everest Chicken Masala – 03 carton box
26) Surf excel Detergent cake making and packing machine -01
27) Packing tape-04
28) Packing machine -01
29) Lizol Sticker sheet -335
30) Detergent powder bags -10 bag

R.Giridhar, Dy.Commissioner of Police, East Zone said accused Mahendra Singh is native of Rajasthan State and residing in the limits of Nagaram and running Kirana & General trading. To gain easy money illegally  he along with Shaym Bhati, Kamal Bhati both are residents of Kachiguda N/o. Rajasthan State along with their associate Jairam R/o. Begum Bazar are  organizing illegal business by installing machinery equipment  and indulging in preparation of duplicate Hair oil,  duplicate Washing powders, washing Detergent soaps, Cleaning liquids,  Spurious /Adulterate Tea powders , Masala powders by violating CopyRight Act, in cheating manner selling above material to various kirana shops, super markets as genuine products   in and around Hyderabad City and earn easy money illegally.

The kingpin of the racket 1)Mahendra Singh, 2)Shyam Bhati, 3)Kamal Bhati & 4) Jairam are purchasing duplicate branded food products, low quality raw material  and brand labels, boxes, stickers, empty bottles, packing boxes from Gujarat, Bangalore,  Delhi and indulged in preparation and adulterating food items, edible oil, tea powder, soaps and regular general store items. The duplicate items were stored at Outskirts of  warehouse at Nagaram, Katedan and the same are sold away in super markets, kiran stores, merchants  through distributors and agents  on commission basis. Organizers have been engaging non local  labour of Bihar State  for preparing, manufacturing and packing duplicate material and  reputed brand stickers paste on material.

The accused persons are selling the products as genuine products at a low price on the MRPS and  cheating customers by violating the CopyRight Act.  The spurious/Toxic material which may cause life threatening effects even in small amounts and with short exposure. May cause serious and prolonged health effects on short or long term exposure to humans. In this case Organizers namely Shyam Bhati,  Kamal Bhati & Jairam are absconding.

On 22-02-2024 a case was registered against accused persons vide  Cr.No.76/2024, U/s. 272, 273, 420 IPC & Sec. 63,65 of CopyRight Act of Kachiguda PS.  

The raids were made under supervision of .R.Giridhar,IPS, Dy.Commissioner of Police, East Zone,  S.Rashmi Perumal,  Dy.Commissioner of Police, Task Force, Hyderabad, by Central Zone Task Force Inspector B.Raju Naik, N.Rama Laxmana Raju, Inspector of Police, Kachiguda PS and SI S.Sai Kiran, Task Force, Central Zone,  P.Ravi Kumar, SI of Police, Kachiguda PS and staff of Central Zone Task Force & Kachiguda PS, Hyderabad. (Maxim News)

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