All Wakf Properties Protected and digitalised in BJP Rule: Hanif Ali

All Wakf Properties | Hyderabad, Jan 14 (Maxim News): Senior National leader of BJP and Member of Central Wakf Council, Government of India, Hanif Ali said that since the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to power at Center in the year 2014, all the Wakf properties have been protected and digitalized across the country.

In an interview with Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin of IND, today, Hanif Ali said that the first step the BJP government has taken after coming to power is to protect the Wakf properties and added that continues work has been done except about 2 years when the country is passing through Covid-19 pandemic.

However, he claimed that 100 percent of the work has been completed, and geo-tagging will be done, and this work is going on with various agencies in the country including in Telangana by the IIT-Hyderabad.

With regard to the leasing of Wakf land, the Central government has constituted Zafar Ullah Committee and it given the report in the year 2019.

All Wakf Properties

All the recommendation of the committee has been accepted by the Central government, with a there is condition has been made that whenever the wakf properties are being given on lease worth Rs. 1,000, it has given advertisement in two leading newspapers and “Dandora Peetna” by announcing in the Masjids and also there is a condition of taking the permission from the State government.

Under Prime Minister Vikas Yojna, the land required for the hospital, school, college, and other social works, the Central government is giving a 100 percent grant in aid.

He said out of 204 Minorities Residential Schools in the state of Telangana, the Center has given grants in aid to 42 institutions, and for the remaining also it is prepared to give.

So far, on this project Rs. 883 crores has been spent by the Central government.

Mukesh Ambani

On the question, the world’s richest entrepreneur Mukesh Ambani built a house constructed on Wakf Land. Hanif Ali said that the Central government has asked the State government and Maharashtra Wakf Board on the issue.

However, he said Ambani constructed the house during the period of the Congress regime, however, the Central government will take steps that would be amicable to all parties.

He said, in Hyderabad also Wakf properties had been encroached on mostly by the government and the rich entrepreneurs, he said that it is the responsibility of the State government and Wakf Board to put a check on such encroachments.

He said the CEO of the Wakf Board has the power to remove the encroachments, he referred to the Hotel Viceroy (Now Mariat Hotel), though it has been proved that it is the Wakf property, encroachment could not be removed, nor the profit of hotel is coming to the Wakf Board, this is because only of lack of Advocate (Councils), the posts of Councils are vacant, all the department of Minorities in Telangana are headless except the Wakf Board and Finance Corporation that too due to compulsion.

All Wakf Properties | Muslim community

He pointed out that in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh where the BJP government are there, there is not a single post of the Minorities welfare department which is vacant, but in Telangana, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao tieing Imam-e-Zamin and wearing topi does not benefit the Muslim community, if he has commitment for the development of the Muslims, he has to fill all the posts of Minorities Institutions, giving reservation to Minorities in education and jobs as 12 percent promised.

He said the existing reservation of 4 percent has been reduced to 3 percent.

However, he said that giving the reservation of religious basis is unconstitutional, the reservation of basis of religion to Hindus, Christians, or Muslims will not be given.

Muslim Reservation

He said that Prime Minister Modi has given 10 percent to backward among the forward, in that there is provision for the Muslims to give reservations, that can be given, he said that in Telangana the government nor the Wakf Board is taking interest in protecting the Wakf properties, he has named many of such properties including the property pertains to the Hazrat Syed Shah Mir Mahmood Dargah at Moula Ali.

Answering another question about not having any Muslims in Modi’s Cabinet, he said, Muqtar Abbas Naqvi has served as the Cabinet Minister for 8 years and other Muslims are there, including himself who is in the party for 42 years, he never felt that he has been sidelined in the party, as he is being given the party.

Naqvi also gave the party work, because of it only, 25 percent of the Muslims votes in Gujarat and 8 percent of the Muslims votes in Uttar Pradesh have come, in Telangana, and from the country lakhs of Muslims are joining the BJP.

All Wakf Properties Protected and digitalised in BJP Rule: Hanif Ali
All Wakf Properties Protected and digitalised in BJP Rule: Hanif Ali

He said the work done for the upliftment of Muslims by the BJP is not done by any party including the Congress in the past, he said. (Maxim News)

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