Andhra Pradesh achieves distinction : CM

•Our priority is to achieve 80% satisfaction among people
•Focus to be laid on 6 least developed districts : CM

Hyderabad, Dec 21(Maxim News): Reviewing the 2nd quarter results for the year 2016-17, the Chief Minister said that the state has posted an impressive growth of 12.26% during the first quarter 2016-17 and could almost sustain it during the 2nd quarter of 2016-17 with an equally inspiring growth performance of 12.20%.

He said that the states GAV growth during the first half of 2016-17 stands at 12.23% and that all sectors have shown encouraging growth rates.
He suggested that the same growth rate should be maintained for the next 15 to 20 years for Andhra Pradesh to become a developed state.

The two day collectors conference started today at A Convention center in Vijayawada where the Chief Minister reviewed the progress made in the 2nd quarter and fixed the way forward for the remaining quarters.

We did not reach our desired destination of 15.28% but Andhra Pradesh achieved a distinction the Chief Minister said.

He mentioned that the agricultural sector has performed outstandingly well despite the deficit rainfall. The subsectors, fisheries, livestock, and horticulture showed remarkable performance thought they were not provided with additional funds he added. Agriculture sector grew at 24.44% supported by fisheries at 42.57%, horticulture at 18.33%, livestocks at 14.19%. Efficiency and good administration in agriculture departments helped them achieve this Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister said that the government is keen to put in a performance management framework to measure performance at family level, community level and linking them with sustainable development goals. He added that 15 themes have been identified for Kutumba Vikasamu and 10 themes for Samaja Vikasamu.
He directed the collectors to ensure that all incomplete buildings in their districts complete their constriction immediately if not they would become non-performing assests over a period of time.

He said that post bifurcation, people of Andhra Pradesh were left insecured but with the able administration of the government we could bounce back to growth despite low budget. All of us should work together systematically and we can achieve our desired growth rate he told the collectors.

Remarking that the demonetization has caused a lot of inconvineance to the people the Chief Minister said in this crisis kind of situation we should work together. He mentioned that in the next subcommittee meeting which is going to be held on the 28th, he will lay focus on finding effective solutions.
Later he reviewed the state’s performance during Q2 and 1st half year in respects of energy, infrastructure, water management, primary, secondary, service and welfare sectors.

He advised that preference should be given to create sea based economy as the state posses rich coastal region and natural resources. In addition to this he also suggested for tapping oil and gas reserves in the KG Basin and also said the oceanography should be explored to boost the economy.

The Chief Minister stressed that the 102 projects in the state which are in various stages of completion should be completed as soon as possible. This will help provide jobs to lakhs of people and churn economic activity in the state. He added that they should be monitored on a real time basis.

The government is keen on proving houses for slum dwellers and we are working out models for that he said.

Later he called to removal all flexies in the state and suggested for a new legislation for regularsing all advertisements if necessary.

Speaking to the collectors, the Chief Minister said that they should strive to achieve atleast 80% satisfaction among the people. Take it up as a goal and strive hard to achieve this he added.

He said that will be identified among the 13 districts and focus will be laid on them. Departments and districts should compete with each other for overall development of the state the Chief Minister said.

Sri Anil Chandra Punetha, Special CS & CCLA in his welcome address mentioned that the state was leading state in the country on various parameters. “We are working under the leadership of the CM in turning every challenge into a opportunity”, he added.

Sri K.E Krishna Murthy, Deputy Chief Minister said that AP has got a visionary Chief Minister and because of the measures he has taken, the state was able to achieve more growth than India.

During the latest demonitisation crisis, the Chief Minister held several meetings with collectors, bankers and RBI and tried his best to mitigate the crisis. All proposals made by the Chief Minister to NITI Ayog are valuable and will help in boosting the country go cashless he said.

Sri S.P Tucker, Chief Secretary to Government mentioned that if the state maintained the sustainable growth of 12.23% for the next few years, Andhra Pradesh would become a developed state. He also added that drought proofing along with a host of other activities merging with real time governance has given a big break through.

Finance Minister Sri Yanamala Rama krishnudu said the Chief Minister’s focus on agriculture sector has borne fruits and that the sector has showed an impressive growth rate of 24%. The sub sectors have really performed well he added.
To achieve the desired growth rate, now is the time to focus more on secondary and service sectors. This will not only help in job creation but also will have an impact on overall growth rate.

The Finance Minister said that demonetization should not affect the economic activity of the state and we should be able to sustain the growth rate. He suggested that respective departments heads should make sure that growth does not fall in their departments. (Maxim News)

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