Annapurna Meal Feeding 60k People During Lockdown

Annapurna Meal Feeding 60k People During Lockdown

Hyderabad: GHMC is distributing lunch to 45k people in the afternoon and dinner to 15k people during night. Annapurna meals scheme aims at providing hot, quality and balanced diet meals to people belonging to various communities, tourists, students, Labour, students, small business men and others. Annapurna meals scheme started 6 years back with 8 centres and now it is has been to 150 centres. Annapurna centres are spread in areas where hospitals, busstands, Railway stations, Educational institutions, Coaching centres and in other prominent areas. Every meal contains 450gms of rice, 100 gms dal, sambar and pickle is mandatorily served in menu. Annapurna meal scheme is getting applause from different sections of the society and now it is being implemented in the other towns of the state.

Transport system got paralysed with the announcement of Lockdown by both Central and State governments. People got stranded where ever they are in the Country due to sudden announcement of Lockdown. With the closure of business firms, Educational institutions, industries, crisis situation has occured. Construction works got stalled. Telangana government has come foward to the rescue of petty employees, daily wage labourers, homeless, hostellers, students during Lockdown period. Government has taken a decision to serve free meal instead of Rs 5/- per meal during this period. Around 38k people are having free meal in 150 Annapurna centres and are fulfilling their hunger. In view of Lockdown Annapurna meal is provided to hostels, Shelter homes and for those who got stranded in Hotels and Restaurants. With an aim that no one in the state shall suffer with hunger, Annapurna free meal scheme is extended to people in the shelter homes like Function halls, Community halls, Temples, Stadiums as per the requests made by GHMC Zonal commissioners, DCs and Public representatives. With Annapurna meal is reaching 45k people in the afternoon hours. Along with them in 68 locations meal is served to 15k people during night. Basing on the demand and requirement food needs are being prepared for the needy. Migrant labour, Homeless, Small employees and Students are expressing happiness for providing balanced diet freely on daily basis. They are expressing gratitude to Telangana govt for solving their hunger needs.

Twelve municipalities in the State took inspiration from GHMC in implementing Annapurna meal scheme. Along with Warangal, Mahabubnagar, Siricilla, Karimnagar municipalities, three in Khammam , two in Suryapet, three muncipalities in Siddipet are providing Annapurna meals.(Maxim News)

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