ASI Declines Permission To Muslims For Namaz In Golkonda Fort

Hyderabad, Aug.11 (Maxim News): Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has declined the permission to the Muslims for Namaz in Golkonda fort. The ASI has rejected the request made by the Karwan MLA Kousar Mohiuddin in this regard.

According to details, Kousar addressed two letters on July 21 to ASI seeking permission to develop the Dargaa and Mosque located at Ashur Khana and Kamel Khana in Golkonda fort. He mentioned in the letters that he received several applications from the people in this regard and he urged the ASI to consider his request.

ASI superintendent said in his reply that there were no prayers when the government handed over the Golkonda fort responsibilities to them. He made it clear that status quo will be continued as of now and will not be given any permission for any religious programs. The superintendent was also asked the MLA to extend his cooperation in removing the illegal constructions in and around the Golkonda fort premises. He mentioned in his reply that the MLA has to be in first row in protecting the Telangana heritage wealth. (Maxim News)\

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