BJP Requests SEC To Hold Municipal Polls In A Fair Way

Hyderabad, July 8 (Maxim News): Telangana BJP on Monday given a memorandum to state election commissioner V Nagi Reddy here opposing the Government reducing the days for conducting Municipal elections.

State vice president S Malla Reddy, pointed out the government had submitted an affidavit to court saying that five months period was required to conduct municipal elections as new municipalities were created, but now the government decided to conduct the elections in fourteen days, and it is undemocratic.

The government wants to conduct elections in a hurry to get benefit for the ruling party, and there is a chance for irregularities, illegal activities in the elections. He said municipalities were having fewer employees, and giving only one day to reorganize the wards would result in many mistakes. The government was worried if municipal elections were delayed the it may repeat the Parliament elections.

Malla Reddy in the memorandum demanded the election commission to conduct municipal elections in a fair way. The other demands of BJP are: to schedule the dates according to affidavit given to high court; disclosure of orders to reorganize of wards and reservation process in fourteen days; to give full freedom to election commission in conducting municipal elections; to give time for any objections or appeals about reservations, reorganize of wards, voters list; transparency in making SC, ST, BC and women reservations; to give extensive publicity and to give time for voter registrations; in every process to conduct meetings with all political parties in municipalities, districts and state wide; to recruit full scale employment for new municipalities to conduct elections in time. (Maxim News)

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