CII’s IWN Celebrates SHE Team’s Fifth Anniversary

Hyderabad, Dec.3 (Maxim News): The Indian Women Network (IWN) of CII celebrated the 5th year anniversary of SHE teams on Tuesday here.

IWN felicitated the SHE Team constables D. Bhavya and Z. Radha, Sub-Inspectors A. Ramlal, K. Sunil Reddy and G.L. Bhaskar and A.CP Shikha Goel for their Herculean efforts and selfless service in providing safety and security to the women in Telangana State and to make Hyderabad as the Safe and smart city that it is today. SHE Teams was launched with the aim of providing safety and security to women and build up their confidence to fulfill the State government’s commitment of a safe and secure Hyderabad City for its women.

Shikha Goel said crime was not limited only to certain uneducated sections of society alone. SHE Team has been working extensively to spread the awareness of women safety. She invited citizens to participate and report untoward behavior, unsafe areas and zones, suspicious people and so on to the SHE Team or Police.

Constable Bhavya shared how 310 SHE Teams work round-clock under supervision of Shikha Goel, IPS, Addl. Commissioner of Police, Crimes & SIT. “ACP Goel reiterated that we must prepare to react and take care of ourselves. Use a deo or pepper spray, a toy whistle, the Telangana Police’s App-Hawkeye, or anything to protect yourself and alert the police and the SHE Team. Crime can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime and it is our responsibility to take charge of our personal safety”, she added. Constable Radha said, “we must defend ourselves by being self aware and take necessary precautions even at home.

CII IWN Telangana Chairperson Dr Nandita Sethi said in the light of recent incidents, the event by CII IWN is only to reiterate that the role of the SHE Team is more crucial now, than ever and that CII IWN will partner the SHE Team in empowering the people of Telangana to protect women.

Shakti Sagar, Past Chair-CII of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh emphasized the fact that women’s safety or rape is not just a women’s issue. The corporates and society must play an active part in taking on the mantle of women safety”.

Swathi Kantamani, Vice-Chair, CII IWN Telangana too reiterated the importance of using the Hawk Eye app. She said women must be aware of their personal safety and give it as much importance as taking care of the family. (Maxim News)

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