CM Offers Daylong Debate On CAA Issue In House

Hyderabad, March 7 (Maxim News): Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao raised controversial CAA issue in House and said state government would take up a day-long discussion on issue.

Participating in the debate over the thanksgiving Motion to Governor’s address in the House, he said the CAA and the NRC issues had led to nationwide agitation in the country and added that there was a need to take up a special discussion on the controversial topics. The CM said like many others he too did not have his birth certificate as he was born in his house at his native village. He wondered if he himself did not have the birth certificate, from where would he bring the birth certificate of his father.

Referring to the request made by AIMIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi, the Chief Minister said the state government would take up discussion on the issue irrespective of the fact that the Union government would agree with its contentions on them. The CM also reminded the House that their party had opposed the CAA in Parliament.

The Chief Minister said the most irritating thing about Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is that it goes against the very fabric of the Constitution which promises to treat all citizens equally, irrespective of their religion, caste and creed. “No civilised society will accept a law which keeps out people of one particular religion,” he said. KCR said the House will thoroughly debate the issue and pass a resolution to send a strong message to the entire country as the issue relates to the country’s future, its Constitution and its stature in the world.

Expressing his concern that the country was losing respectability because of such a law as the issue has been discussed in the United Nations and other world bodies, the Chief Minister said, “We are part of this country. We will not keep quiet. We will do whatever we can in our limits. We will not be afraid of anybody,” he declared. (Maxim News)

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