Congress demands free power supply for places of worship

Congress demands free power supply for places of worship

Hyderabad, Feb 5 (Maxim News): The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) has demanded that the State Government supply free power to all places of worship in the State.

“The energy department is collecting huge amounts from the places of worships like Mosques, Temples, Churches and Gurdwaras towards power consumption charges. Shockingly, these places of worship are being applied the commercial tariff. Hence, the monthly billing for these religious places is amounting to several thousand and even lakhs of rupees in some cases. Consequently, the managements of most of the institutions are unable to clear the bills leading to disconnection of power supply,” TPCC Spokespersons Syed Nizamuddin said in his letter to Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao.

Citing an instance, Syed Nizamuddin said that the Secretary of Masjid Char Chaman, Jahanuma received a bill of Rs. 416,019. The power supply to the Masjid has been disconnected on January 30 due to non-payment of bill. “This is a small mosque with very little sources of revenue. It pays the salaries of Imam, Maozan and other staff with great difficulty by taking small donations from the worshippers. How this mosque can be expected to pay a whopping sum of Rs. 4.16 lakh power bill?” he asked.

The TPCC Spokespersons said several places of worship in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and also other parts of Telangana State have very little or nil sources of revenue. Therefore, he said that the State Government should consider providing free supply of power to all places of worship, irrespective of religion. If not, a special tariff can be fixed for such places with the State Government adding subsidy component, he said.

The Congress leader also urged the government to waive off all pending power arrears of all places of worship in the State. “The TSSPDCL should be directed to immediately restore the power supply to all places of worship whose connections were disconnected due to non-payment of bills,” he demanded. (Maxim News)

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  1. mohammad khaleel says

    Shaee bath hai keu ke hamare masjid ku bhi Amdani ka zariya nahi hai
    Bhaoth musibath hoti hai bill bane me
    Gareb mohala hai

    Mohammad khaleel

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