Congress demands special assembly session over BC quota

Hyderabad, July 11 (Maxim News): TPCC Chief Spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan demanded that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao convene a special session of Legislative Assembly to bring amendment in Panchayat Raj Act 2018 to increase quota for Backward Classes to 52%.

Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Wednesday, Sravan alleged that the TRS Government was not serious on increasing quota for BCs in Panchayat Raj elections. Instead of admitting its mistake of adopting an erroneous approach, KCR is trying to blame Congress party for the reprimand TRS Government received from the High Court on the issue. He pointed out that the quota for BCs, which was 34% in 1999, was kept unchanged in the recently passed Panchayat Act. However, the Intensive Household Survey conducted by the State Government in August 2014 revealed that the BC communities constitute 52% of total population.

Therefore, Sravan demanded that a special Assembly session be convened to amend the Panchayat Raj Act increasing BC quota in PR polls from present 34% to 52%. He said an all party meeting should be convened to bring consensus on the issue and assured that the Congress party would extend unconditional support to any amendment that provides increased quota for BCs.

The Congress leader said that the total percentage of reservation in Panchayat Raj elections would be 79% if BC quota is enhanced from present 34% to 52%. “If the CM is ready to fight for 61% quota in the Supreme Court, he could as well defend 79% if he is serious towards BCs,” he said.

He said this move would ensure justice for over 100 communities which never got any representation in elected bodies. He announced that he would personally meet all BC associations, NGOs and individuals seeking their support to pressurise the Chief Minister on the issue. He said resolutions seeking 52% quota for BCs would be passed by various associations and institutions at Mandal and district level and they would be sent to the State Government. He said letters would also be sent to the Chief Minister.

Sravan also clarified that the petitioner Swapna Reddy who approached the High Court seeking implementation of 50% ceiling on reservation in PR polls was not related to Congress party. He pointed out that another person, Gopal Reddy, a MPTC from Ganiadula of Nagarkurnool district, was another petitioner in the case. Stating that Gopal Reddy is a TRS leader, he asked the Chief Minister to clarify whether the case was filed at the behest of KCR to deprive BCs their due share in in Panchayat Raj elections. (Maxim News)

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