CPI Asks Delhi People To Protest Against Trump On Arrival

CPI Asks Delhi People To Protest Against Trump On Arrival

New Delhi, Feb.21 (Maxim News): An extended CPI State Council meeting held at Ajoy Bhavan called upon all democratic, progressive people of Delhi to protest against forthcoming visit of United States’ President Donald Trump to India because the US imperialism always acted against the interests of the India like reducing H1 visas for Indians, harming the Indian interest in relation to Iran, Afghanistan, Nicaragua and so on. The US was creating war and conflicts zone all over the world for their Arms Sale Mandi. The Centre too wasting huge money for Trumph’s welcome, it added.

CPI National Secretary K. Narayana, said the Modi government passed CAA with communal intent. NRC and NPR are part of the same agenda. CPI was opposed to all three. “We salute the Jamia students, JNU students and Shaeen Bagh protest against CAA, NRC and NPR. The movement has become an all India movement and people from all religions and all walks of life are joining the protests all over the country against CAA, NRC and NPR”, he added.

He also said the Central Budget 2020-21 is anti-people. MGNRGA and all social welfare schemes have budget cut in actual terms. Education, public health have been driven towards privatization and PPP model. Monopoly capitalist and crony capitalists have been favored. Public Sector National assets like Air India, LIC, BPCL, Railways and others were being led towards privatization, including airports. GDP has fallen drastically and unemployed is rising. He appealed to the people to strengthen the CPI organization and should make all party branches very active. The meeting also passed a resolution on anti-CAA, NRC and NPR agitation by people especially on Jamia, JNU and Shaheen Bagh. (Maxim News)

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