D​RI seizes foreign currency and gold ​at Hyderabad Airport

In two different cases, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized assorted foreign currency ​worth about Rs.27 lakh and 1.4 k​ilos of ​smuggled gold worth Rs.44.60 lakh at ​the ​Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad ​in the early hours of Wednes​day. ​​​

Based on specific intelligence​,​ officers of the DRI Hyderabad Zonal Unit intercepted a passenger at the airport, who​,​ after having cleared immigration and security checks was ​about ​to board ​an ​Indigo flight to Sharjah.

n examination of his baggage, assorted foreign currency in the form of Qatar Riyals, Kuwait Dinars, Bahrain Dinars, UAE Dirhams, Saudi Riyals, Omani Riyals and US Dollars of various denominations ​were found.

The passenger on interrogation stated that the said currency was obtained from unauthorized dealers and ​that they did not belong to him. He stated that it was being carried on the behest of ​’​someone​’​ for delivery in Sharjah.

As the said currency was obtained from unauthorized dealers/persons in violation of FEMA, 1999 and was attempted to be exported illegally, in contravention of the prohibition imposed under Customs Act 1962 ​and FEMA, the currency, equivalent to Rs.27.23 lakh in Indian rupees, was seized.

The passenger has been arrested. Further investigation in the case is in progress.

​In the second case, the ​DRI ​officers intercepted a passenger coming from Abu Dhabi to Hyderabad ​on an Etihad flight at the airport at about 3.30 am

Intelligence ​inputs ​indicated that the passenger was in possession of gold bars of foreign origin and would be handing over the same to one of the airline employees before reaching the ​Customs area.

After getting down from the aircraft, the passenger entered the toilet in the arrival immigration hall. A person wearing the identity card of Air India – SATS entered the toilet section and received the smuggled gold from the passenger.

On examination, 12 gold bars with a total weight of 1399.200 grams were found ,valued at Rs 44.60 lakh in possession of the person.

On being ​questioned by the officers, the person working for Air India – SATS informed that he was working for Air India SATS and designated by them to assist Thai Airways.

​​The passenger attempting to smuggle the gold in to the country and ​the receiver who assisted in the gold smuggling ​were both arrested. The smuggled gold has been seized under Customs Act, 1962. Further investigation is in progress.

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