DK Aruna sees end of KCR era

Hyderabad, Sept.3 (Maxim News): Former minister DK Aruna here on Monday claimed that only two-and-a-half lakh people attended the TRS party’s ‘Pragathi Nivedana’ public meeting as against much hyped 25 lakh.

She opined that the meeting was an ‘utter flop show’. The people just came and gone like visiting a ‘picnic’ spot. She suggested to the employees’ unions to raise their voice against the Chief Minister.

Speaking at the Assembly Media Point, Aruna said the ruling party bragged that over 25 lakh people would throng the Pragathi Nivedana Sabha meeting at Ibrahimpatnam, but it only attracted 2.5 to 3 lakh people. The local leaders faced a lot of troubles in wooing people to get them in buses. The people in a couple lakh, who were brought to the venue were greatly disappointed.

KCR was trying to woo the voters still with the Telangana sentiment. KCR failed to do justice to any section. She predicted that KCR will lose election if he preferred early elections. She exuded confidence thatg the Congress would come back to power with a bang if elections are held any time. She said KCR was trying to attract the voters for early elections and announcing second phase of Rythu Bhandhu cheques in November. She also alleged that the farmers were burdened with increasing prices of fertilizers. She also reiterated that the BJP and TRS entered into a secret electoral pact. (Maxim News)

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