Earth Day Initiative – Making Ameenpur A Birding Hot Spot

Ameenpur: After sustained efforts, the Government declared Ameenpur lake as a “Biodiversity Heritage Site” under the Biological Diversity Act, 2002. It is the first such water body declared as a Biodiversity Heritage Site anywhere in the country and that too in an urban environment. This is an achievement and a pride for all of us in Telangana.
Following the rejuvenation of water bodies in Ameenpur, these lakes are home to 251 rare species of birds.

Now, Special Protection Force intend to make the homes of those who live in its environs and the lakes as Birding Hot Spots. Towards this end, marking Earth Day on April 22, between 7am and 10 am, bird feeders will be distributed at Bandam Kommu and at Pedda Cheruvu to those who are ready to welcome birds to their homes be it terraces, compounds or even balconies.

Friends of Flora and Fauna, a volunteer birding organization, will distribute these bird feeders free of cost along with feeding material like Jawar (Jonnalu), Ragi (Ragulu), and Fox tail millet (Korralu) as well as water pots for the birds.

By creating these bird feeding stations with the available feed and water under the shade of the trees or in other spots, where the birds can come and feed without any disturbance, the prospects of birds visiting these feeding stations is likely to happen in about a month and possibly a nesting area for the birds.

The hope is to make Ameenpur a large birding station for small birds such as sparrows, barn swallows, munias, parrots, doves, tailor birds, baya weavers, sun birds, oriental eyes, ashy prinias and more.

Senior and experienced birders, including those of Hyderabad Birding Pals, will be available with binoculars from 7 am, both at Bandan Kommu and Pedda Cheruvu to explain to residents in the neighbourhood about using bird feeders, nesting and identity different species of birds which come for nesting to the Ameenpur lakes.

All residents of Ameenpur Panchayat are requested to participate in the event on 22nd April 2017 at 7 AM at Ameenpur Lake bund and be a part of our efforts to make Ameenpur a rich Biodiversity Heritage Site. May we invite you to cover the proceedings of the Earth Day initiative at Ameenpur and join the crusade for the rejuvenation of the Ameenpur lake, said Tejdeep Kaur Menon, Director General, Telangana Special Protection Force & Convenor, Ameenpur Biodiversity Heritage Site , Management Committee.

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