GHMC Commissioner hoists the tricolour at GHMC Headquarters

Hyderabad, January 26: Commissioner DS Lokesh Kumar said that GHMC is working hard to provide infrastructure and facilities to meet the growing population of the city. The commissioner unfurled the national flag at the GHMC headquarters on the occasion of Republic Day on Thursday. Deputy Mayor Mote Srilata Shobhan Reddy participated in this program.

Speaking on this occasion, the Commissioner said that 42 works have been undertaken by SRDP to improve the transport system in order to reach the destination on time in the context of the development of Hyderabad city as a cosmopolitan city and 31 works have been completed so far. Out of which 18 fly overs, 5 under passes and 7 ROB/RUB have been made available. He said that all the remaining 11 works will be completed by January 2024 next year.

He said that CRMP aims to re-carpet 811.96 km of road for better transport arrangement and maintenance in line with the increasing population of Greater Hyderabad and so far 744.46 km has been re-carpeted.

GHMC has allocated Rs. He said that 35 works have been undertaken at an estimated cost of 733 crore rupees. Out of which 8 works have been completed so far and the remaining works will be completed on war footing, he said.

He said that various works have been undertaken as part of providing infrastructure to the city dwellers. In particular, for the development of internal roads, storm water drains, drainage, community halls, compound walls, crematoriums of all religions, an amount of Rs. He said that 10,021 works have been undertaken at an estimated cost of 2250.27 crores. He explained that while 4225 works have been completed so far, the remaining works are in various stages of progress.

He said that innovative 29 model corridor roads have been taken up to provide facilities to the people at the level of world cities. He said that parking, cycling, vending zones and greenery facilities are being provided in these corridor roads. He said that the city will be developed as a pedestrian friendly city. He said that while there were 20 foot over bridges in the past, 22 new foot over bridges have been constructed at a cost of around 76 crores. He said that 8 of them are available and the rest are being completed on war footing. He said that there are 817 kilometers of footpaths in the city and facilities for pedestrians have been provided in 60 metro railway stations. Moreover, it was explained that in the development of 102 junctions to be undertaken in the coming days, the benefit of pedestrians has also been focused on. He said that 94 pelican signals have been specially set up to prevent accidents.

He said that as part of animal protection, steps have been taken to establish 5 more crematoriums for domestic animals. It has already been established in Fathullaguda and steps are being taken to establish pet crematoriums in other zones as well, he said.

He said that waste to energy plants with a capacity of 100 megawatts will be set up on all sides of Hyderabad. He said that while 24 megawatts of electricity are already being produced in Jawahar Nagar dump yard, another 24 megawatts have been sanctioned and the work is going on. Waste to energy plants with a capacity of 14.5 megawatts in Dundigal, 15 in Pyara Nagar, 11 in Bibinagar and 14 megawatts in Yachara will be set up in the coming days. He said that the garbage collected daily in the city will be used on the same day instead of being stored.

He said that by 15th January 2023, 201 crore 30 lakh rupees have been spent and 10 crore 34 lakh 45 thousand people have been provided meals through the Annapurna scheme, which provides Rs. 5 k for the poor, and two meals a day were distributed free of charge through mobile centers during Corona.

We are working for the welfare of women empowerment, senior citizen, PWD, women financial empowerment so far this year Rs. 437.29 crore financial assistance has been distributed to 5878 SHG women, he said.

He said that financial assistance of Rs.73.22 crores has been distributed to 60,775 people till now.

4477 people have been identified through previous camps for senior citizens and PWDs and they have been given Rs. He said that 9291 appliances and assistive devices worth 3.89 crores will be distributed soon.

He said that greenery is being developed to create a pleasant and pollution-free environment for the people of the city, and as part of the Haritaharam programme, plants are being grown in various ways. The Forest Survey of India has found that the forest area has increased in the city due to large-scale greening through multi-level, lake plantation, avenue, theme park, central median, vertical plantation, management of nurseries, tree-parks, Yadadri plantation, and apart from that, the World Greenery Award has been awarded to Hyderabad at the global level. Reminded that it was received.

He said that Hyderabad is going ahead in the construction sector and building permits will be given promptly in a transparent single window system. In this order, permission has been issued for 13,724 house constructions so far, he said. 1778 t in lieu of land acquisition cash compensation.

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