Govt To Issue Media Bulletin On Secretariat Demolition

The Telangana government on Friday notified the High Court that they are ready to issue a media bulletin on the demolition of Telangana High Court. The court said that the government should release the bulletin just like the bulletin on coronavirus cases every day.

The petitioner said that the public must be aware of the news related to secretariat demolition and the media persons should be permitted to cover it. Reacting to it, the governor’s counsel said that only workers are allowed at the site according to section 180 in the building and other construction workers rules, 1998.

The advocate general told the court that they are not allowing the media persons in the view of occurrence of accidents at the site. “Also, permitting the media at the demolition site could be against the COVID-19 norms, ” the counsel said.

However, the court observed that the journalists go to the war zone despite difficulty in covering the news. “For people who have been to such places will not be a problem to cover the demolition,” the court said, asking the government to permit the media to cover the news on secretariat demolition.

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