Guv’s Call To Make Treatment Of Kidney Diseases More Affordable

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Hyderabad, Sept.18 (Maxim News): Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan today called upon the expert doctors to deliberate on how to address the issues confronted by patients of kidney diseases and making treatment more affordable.Herself a Doctor, she said: Treatments to delay onset of the need for dialysis especially diabetes are being implemented and home treatment of kidney failure are to be popularized.

Speaking as chief guest at the 37th Congress of the International Society of Blood Purification here, she urged the experts to deliberate active measures to be taken up to train more number of nephrologists, prevention of the disease, in addition to newer treatments at reduced costs.

‘It is my pleasure to be amongst such accomplished experts who have come from all over the world to attend this 37th Congress of the International Society of Blood Purification being held here today onwards. I understand that this Conference is being held for the first time in this part of the World and it is a matter of great pride to Hyderabad City and the State of Telangana. In this context, I congratulate Dr K S Nayak, organizing chairman, who has accomplished this task’, she said. .

Intensive Care Nephrology has come of age in India and working as a team with the Intensivists will help us elevate our standard of care to World class levels. The Worldwide faculty of more than 30 eminent experts along with our Indian key opinion leaders who are participating in this important event will make for a formidable scientific programme, she hoped.

She said she strongly believed this conference would enhance the knowledge of the practicing nephrologists and critical care physicians in imparting the latest techniques in the management of the critically ill renal failure patient.

India has only 1500 qualified nephrologists for a country of 1.35 billion people, we need at least about 20,000 nephrologists, she said. I was told the prevalence of end stage renal disease in India is estimated to be between 151 and 232 per million populations. The health care systems cannot meet the growing need for renal replacement therapy/dialysis. But, I was told, ever since the local manufacturing has been introduced in India, the price of Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) has significantly declined and is now cheaper than Haemodialysis (HD).

‘Please understand most of the patients cannot sustain the high cost and default within few months of start of therapy. As such I humbly appeal to the expert doctors assembled here, apart from treating kidney disease, the experts will deliberate on how to address these issues and make treatment more affordable’, she added. (Maxim News)

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