Harish Rao Lashes out at PM Modi

Hyderabad, Jan.13 (Maxim News): Finance Minister T Harish Rao today lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for conspiring to burden the farmers with rise in fertilizer prices.

Talking to press persons the minister said that the BJP Government at the Centre has been suppressing the farmers with failure polices. Now it has come up with fresh attack by rising prices of the fertilizers, he lamented.

He expressed concern that the rise in fertilizer prices will prove costly for the farmers in the country. It will be a big burden as the Centre increased the prices of the fertilizers like never before. It was said that about Rs 20000 cr additional burden will be put on the farmers by rise in prices of the fertilizers across the country.

The Modi Government should desist from conspiracy against the farmers, he suggested. The minister cautioned that the TRS leadership will show its strength with farmers at Delhi by protests. The Centre should not impose another burden with this in addition to plans to set up power meters at the farm wells, the health minister said.

Harish Rao Lashes Out At PM Modi
Harish Rao Lashes Out At PM Modi

The minister slammed the Centre for failing to procure paddy stocks from the state and denied funds for development and some projects. The farmers will show their strength with plows and grit at Delhi against the BJP Government, he warned.

The farmers who are seeking some relief from false policies and not another burden he said adding that the TRS will raise a banner of revolt at the national capital against the same. The TRS leaders will also conduct large scale protests across the state including villages, mandals and districts, he said.

We will mount pressure on the BJP Government to roll back the same and avoid burdening the farmers, he said. The farmers are to join hands against the conspiracy of the Modi Government for the burden of fertilizer prices. (Maxim News)

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