Karwan MLA, GHMC Officials Drop Oil In Water Tanks

Hyderabad, Dec.7 (Maxim News): Karwan MLA Kausar Mohiuddin, GHMC Zonal Commissioner Musharaff Ali and Chief Entomology Dr Rambabu conducted a massive oil dropping activity in water tank HUDA Park, Langar House Division, Karwan Constituency.

For the first time, the GHMC Entomology Wing made an experiment at Langar House tank and HUDA park by releasing 2,500 oil balls at a time in the pond. The oil and chemicals in the balls spread quickly and within five minutes it destroys all the breeding activities, said the MLA. Since there was mosquito menace in the Karwan Constituency, Kausar Mohiuddin requested Zonal Commissioner to take up such activities in Shatam Tank, and other lakes under Karwan constituency and also all along the Musi River.

Speaking on the occasion, Zonal Commissioner Musharaff Ali said within a couple of days there will be change in the nearby localities on the mosquito menace.

Chief Entomology Rambabu said an exhibition was also organized in the park showing about various types of Mosquitoes and Gambusia fish which eats larva. Some 500 entomology persons participated in the program and have taken up activities in 10Km radius other parts of Karwan Division. IEC material released by Kausar Mohiuddin, Zonal Commissioner Musharaff Ali and Chief Entomologist Rambabu distributed the pamphlets to the public. (Maxim News)

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