KCR Leaning Towards Congress: Praised Manmohan Singh Says Worked More Than Modi

Hyderabad, Feb 12 (Maxim News): Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao has praised the Congress party saying that in 2014 we voted to power saying that Congres is not working in the country, now the situation has become like “we fell into the over from the top”. he said that Dr. Manmohan Singh worked more than Modi as Prime Minister, but Manmohan Singh did not campaign.

KCR mentioned that in the last decade, industries are closing down in the country and inflation is increasing, Modi won, and BJP won. but KCR said that the people of the country have lost, the country has suffered a severe loss in all fields, and even if the country is bankrupt, they claim to have the upper hand. KCR alleged that Prime Minister Modi’s speech in Parliament was bad, why Modi is not talking about Adani, and that another nuisance has come to the country in the form of Adani.

KCR said that even though there is so much going on in the country, why don’t they talk about Adani?, Adani’s property has been dissolved, will his companies stay” Will they go” Adani also came to Telangana to set up a company, but luckily Adani’s companies did not come to the state said KCR. he expressed indignation that Rahul and Modi are limited to criticizing each other in the parliament, why politics now with the names of Nehru and Indira Gandhi who are not here.

KCR criticized Prime Minister Modi from the floor of the Telangana Assembly, today, and said that there is a strange situation in the country and there should be a long discussion on the situation in the country. He said that even after 75 years of independence, the situation is the same and that the Central budget has done a great injustice to the state. In the case of nursing colleges also, they have done a great injustice, out of 157 Medical Colleges in the country, Telangana has not got even one, is this a federal system? KCR expressed his anger. KCR reminded us that we have given Rs. 495 crores to Andhra Pradesh and the problem has not been resolved even after asking for 7 years the former Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy also did not give even a single paise to Telangana.

KCR said that there is a plight of drinking water in the National Capital, Delhi and words are crossing walls, but they are not going away. It is said that in America they celebrate when they get a green card, 20 lakh people left the country’s citizenship during Modi’s regime, why is there such a miserable situation in the country? KCR asked. (Maxim News)

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