KCR’s Graph on Performance and Popularity is on Decline: Congress

Hyderabad, June 3: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy alleged that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao’s graph on performance and popularity was on decline.

Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Wednesday, Narayana Reddy said that the Chief Minister was confined to Pragathi Bhavan enjoying a lavish lifestyle and taking very little interest in administration. Citing a recent survey done by a familiar national agency, he said that KCR ranked 16th among 31 Chief Ministers in the country in terms of performance-based popularity. He said KCR has scored a mere 54% in the survey. This percentage would’ve been much lower if the survey is done on local parameters, he said.

Narayana Reddy said that the survey’s findings were very close to reality, if not exact. He said KCR has lost sense of accountability towards people. “KCR apparently feels that he is not answerable to anyone for anything. He is neither listening to opposition parties nor answering questions from the media. The dictatorial attitude got embedded in his character to the extent that he is considering everyone who is questioning his decisions as his personal enemy. Except for a few selected persons, he barred the entry of ministers, MLAs, MLCs and senior officials in Pragathi Bhavan which consequently resulted in administration coming to a halt. He picked deception, cheating and lies as his weapons to stay in power. Now he is surrounded either by sycophants or security personnel,” he said.

The Congress leader KCR should’ve come up with a Progress Report on the performance of his government for the last six years. Instead, he said KCR was patting his own and giving himself full marks for an exam which he didn’t write. “KCR is acting both like a candidate and examiner. He is setting his own question paper, conducting exams, playing the role of invigilator and then correcting his own answer sheet. He is giving himself full marks without even writing the answers,” he said adding that the habit of self-praise has turned Telangana into an ‘Andher Nagari’ and KCR into ‘Choupat Raja’.

Narayana Reddy alleged that at least half of ministers in KCR cabinet were not performing their duties properly. “They all appear so incompetent that they won’t be able to find a job of a Supervisor after retirement. None of them is fully aware of his portfolio or subject or empowered enough to run the department,” he said. Citing an example, he said Home Minister Mahmood Ali, who is supposed to be ‘Number 2′ in the cabinet was denied entry into Pragathi Bhavan by police officials. He said Mahmood Ali should’ve resigned from the post after the insult. But he continued without any protest and still doing sycophancy of CM KCR. Similarly, he said neither Finance Minister Harish Rao nor Health Minister Etala Rajender have powers to take decisions pertaining to their departments.

“Minister and CM KCR’s son K. Tarakarama Rao has wasted crores of public money on World Economic Forum meetings in Davos on the pretext of bringing investments to Telangana. Not even half the money, which KTR has spent on his Davos visits, came as investment so far,” he alleged.

The Congress leader said KCR has started losing his ground which was clearly evident from the recent survey. He said Odisha CM Naveek Patnaik was on the top followed by the CM of Kerala. He said CMs of Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, who assumed charge not even an year ago emerged more popular than KCR who completed six years in power. He alleged that KCR inaugurated the Konda Pochamma Sagar Project in a hurry, in violation of all lockdown norms, just to cover up his failure in handling Covid-19 situation.

Narayana Reddy also accused CM KCR of mishandling the Corona virus situation. “CM KCR needs to explain as to why the lockdown was first imposed for over two months and why it was relaxed. TRS Govt utterly failed to trace, test and treat the Covid-19 patients. It is due to KCR’s negligence that today we don’t have a clear picture of people affected with Coronavirus. Now the Health Minister is shamelessly saying that people need to take precautions as the government could not control the spread of Covid-19. If this was the case, then why the lockdown, which ruined the economy, was first imposed. If the government is unable to do anything then CM and all ministers must resign from their post and go,” he demanded.

He said the TRS Government was blaming the BJP Government at the Centre which in turn is blaming God and nature for the spread of Coronavirus in the country. He said governments could not be run in this manner and those in power need to be more accountable and committed towards the people.

The Congress leader demanded that KCR do a serious introspection of his performance and start acting like a real Chief Minister. “People were promised KG to PG free education, double bed room houses, land for landless poor, 12% reservation for STs and Muslims, super specialty hospitals at all District Headquarters, etc., Not a single promise has been fulfilled. Not even six new hospitals were constructed during the last six years’ regime,” he said, adding that KCR’s graph would fall further as Congress party would continue to expose failures of his government. (Maxim News)

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