Lift Irrigation Project Launched To Save Amaravati From Floods

Amaravati, Sept.16 (Maxim News): A P Chief Mnister N Chandrababu Naidu today launched the Kondviti vagu lift irrigation project. The state capital Amaravati is now protected from threat of floods with the launching of this project.

This project was constructed at a cost of Rs two crore near Undavalli. The design of the project was such that 5,000 cusecs of flood water would be lifted into Krishna river. Various localities in the capital used to inundate due to flood water. But with the launching of this project ,there would be no threat to these areas now.

He said opposition parties have been levelling charges that the state capital would submerge in flood water. But all these allegations were proved wrong and baseless. The government would take up second lift irrigation project and from this project 7,000 cusecs of flood water would be lifted, Naidu explained.

The chief minister said so far 12 projects have been completed in the state and 45 other projects would be completed in next five years.(Maxim News)

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