Malpractices Curbed In PDS : Akun Sabharwal

Malpractices Curbed In PDS : Akun Sabharwal

Hyderabad, Oct.14 (Maxim News): The Commissioner of Civil Supplies department of the State Akun Sabharwal today said that the Telangana government curbed malpractice and achieved wonderful progress in every aspect in Public Distribution System (PDS) of the state with the help of modern Technology.

The Commissioner made these remarks while addressing a gathering at a two day national conference. He participated in the National Conference of State and Union Territories’ Food Secretaries on the topic “PDS Reforms & New Initiatives” held in Gujarat. Sabharwal made a Power Point presentation on the implementation of reforms, new technology and success achieved by Telangana Civil Supplies Department in the Public Distribution System.

Speaking on the occasion, he said, being the youngest state in India, Telangana achieved good results with reforms and technology. “As per 2011 Census, population in

Telangana is 3.51 crores. There are 87.72 lakh Food Security cards with 2.81 crores beneficiaries. Every eligible beneficiary is given 6 kgs of rice at Rs. 1 per kilo. In May 2018 Ration Portability was introduced for better service to beneficiaries to avail ration from anywhere in the state. Every month approximately 13 lakh transactions are done per month,” he said. For transparent and accountability in Paddy Procurement to Public Distribution, different Mobile Apps are introduced. OPMS, Geo Tagging of PPCs, Miller Acknowledgment, T-Ration, T-Wallet Apps are available for better services, he noted.

Alok Kumar, the Secretary to Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and other Food & Civil Supplies Secretaries praised Telangana Civil Supplies initiatives for giving better service to people in Public Distribution System. (Maxim News)

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