Necessary to make place for different films: Kiran Rao

Filmmaker Kiran Rao says there’s a need to promote films with differentiated content.

As chairperson of Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI), Kiran is doing her bit through the MAMI Film Club, which has a year round calendar as part of which film screenings happen every now and then, apart from hosting of talks and workshops. The idea is to bring the movies to film lovers before they have an official theatrical release in the country. On Friday, the India premiere of Shubhashish Bhutiani’s acclaimed film “Mukti Bhawan” took place.

At the red carpet, Kiran said: “We are very happy that MAMI Film Club got an opportunity to premiere this film because it is very necessary to promote and release new and different kind of content-driven films and make place for them. “MAMI, which was founded 18 years back, was made to encourage cinema. MAMI Film Club is following the same vision by presenting films which are new and unusual.”

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