Nehru Zoo Opened For Visitors Today

Hyderabad, July 10 (Maxim News): Nehru Zoological park, Bahadoorpura, on the city outskirts, will be open for visitors from July 11, from 8.30 am.

Announcing this, Zoo park curator VVL Subhadra Devi said that necessary permissions were obtained for opening the zoo for public. She made it clear that all precautions like wearing a mask, maintaining social distance should be strictly followed by the visitors. Thermal screening will be done and persons having fever will not be allowed. Fine will be imposed for failure to wear mask

She also said that Lion safari, night zoo, fish aquarium, snake world and special museum would remain closed. Those who violate the Corona and zoo park rules will be fined. She advised that it would be better if children below ten years and elders aged above 65 years refrained from visiting the Zoo. (Maxim News)

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