‘New Parliament Building is the Symbol of India’s Eternal Traditions’: Jagdeep Dhankar

New Delhi, May 28: Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Sunday extended “heartfelt congratulations to the nation” on the inauguration of the new Parliament building in the national capital, saying it is a symbol of India’s eternal traditions.

“I am fully confident that in this ‘Amrit Kal’, the newly constructed Parliament building will continue to be a testimony to our rapid progress. From building a self-reliant India to fulfilling the basic needs of the people, from empowering the citizens to eradicating absolute poverty, this magnificent building will script numerous chapters of historic moments during the upcoming decades,” the Vice President said.

He referred to the new Parliament building as a symbol of eternal traditions which showcases our capacity to embrace modern technology in the best possible way, alongside preserving our rich Indian architectural heritage and cultural legacy.

“I am delighted that our Parliament’s new building is a beacon of Indian values and traditions. It houses a diverse range of artworks and sculptures brought from every corner of the country, which serve as the finest exhibition of Indian art and culture, enhancing its grandeur,” Dhankhar said.

The Vice President further said the Parliament is often referred to as the temple of democracy.

“It not only ensures the fulfillment of the aspirations and desires of the present and future generations but also serves as the guardian of eternal traditions and the finest democratic standards. This building of Parliament will reflect the varied and excellent ideas from different corners of the country. Its invaluable contribution will lie in forging national consensus.

“I firmly believe that the new Parliament building, through its policies and legislation, will give special attention to the people on the margins, ensuring the active resolution of the needs and aspirations of all citizens. It will strengthen the foundation of India’s fundamental commitment,” he said.

Dhankhar said that this nation upholds democracy as the world’s oldest and largest democratic country, assisting in the global spread and preservation of democratic values and processes.

“I am confident that the new magnificent building of Parliament, as a symbol of respect, glory, science, and great culture, will provide new energy and strength to our continuous efforts, and will pave the path to success. As I often say and firmly believe, the Parliament is the guiding ‘Dhruv Tara’ of democracy. It is the most authoritative platform that reflects the people’s mandate. Its decisive role in guiding the destiny of a nation is beyond doubt, and it is the essence and mantra of democracy,” he said.

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