Prayers for Restoration of hereditary archakas!!!

Hyderabad, Oct.16 (Maxim News): Temples protection movement Convenor and Chief priest of Chilkur Balaji temple, CS Rangarajan visited Mallur Narasimha swamy temple, as part of his prayers program to revive hereditary Archakatvam in such ancient temples.

Rangarajan has been visiting traditional temples to pray to the deities for restoration of rituals by such families of Archakas. Rangarajan pleads that the Telangana Government has to take note of the fact that the Supreme Court had positively responded to the writ petition of Dr M V Soundararajan in 1996 that traditional temples, rural temples would close down if the Government insisted on stopping the rituals of hereditary Archakas.

The Y S Rajasekhar Reddy Government had reinstated their services in 2007 through a legislation. Unfortunately the same has not been implemented yet. The Government has been misled by a few Archakas who said that pay scales implementation is the solution to all problems. Unfortunately it is not so.

The famous Malluru Sri Ugra Narasimha Swamy temple is located about 90 Km from Bhadrachalam (famous Sri Rama Shrine in south India). This temple has many specialties, the height of moolaviraat Sri Narasimha Swamy is upto 10 feet. It is located in the midst of forest. The Belly part of Moolavirat idol is soft as human skin. The dwjasthambha here at the temple is nearly 60 feet in height.

There is a rock formed Ugra Anjaneya Swamy statue near the temple. It is the first of its kind known in South India. There is a continuous water flow near the temple, from the top of the hills.

The Chief priest Raghavachary felicitated C S Rangarajan with prasadams and sesha mala and wished him all success in his efforts to protect Sanatana Dharma.(Maxim News)

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