Rachakonda Police Hold Summer Camp For School Children

Rachakonda Police Hold Summer Camp For School Children

Hyderabad, May 18 (Maxim News): The 2-day summer camp, which was being organized by Rachakonda police for schoolchildren between 10 to 18 years, at J Valley resorts at Nagole began with much enthusiasm and fervor on Saturday. The program is supported by SCSC (Society for Cyberabad Security Council) and Tata Aerospace.

The first day of the camp saw participation of over 500 children. They were briefed on Road safety, functioning of ‘SHE’ teams & child abuse. The summer camp was inaugurated by T Krishna Prasad, Chairman and DGP Road safety Telangana, and was also the chief guest of the event.

Post inaugural program, the chief guest interacted with the children and enlightened them on how accidents take place. Elaborating on the same, he said that, the safety of people driving on the roads are within our hands. People on the roads driving should ensure that, they do not overspeed, their vehicles should not be overloaded, the person driving should not be under the influence of alcohol, and more importantly if driving a two wheeler one should wear helmet. Four wheelers should ensure that they wear seat belts, Mahesh M Bhagwat, Commissioner of Police Rachakonda in his interaction with the enthusiast children spoke about how it is dangerous when children below 18 years drive on the streets. He asked children to inform parents on compulsory use of helmet while driving two wheelers, no use of mobile while driving & no overspeed. 54 % of children are victims of child abuse and children should know on good touch, bad touch & any one harass them they should inform parents.

Cyber crime is future crime as many cases getting reporetd with new modus operandi & CP asked children to refrain them selves from excess use of social media. Minimum precautions children should take while chatting online with unknown person and not to reveal personal details like phone number, pictures with unknown person. Every year 1,50,000 people die in road accidents and major chunk of people who die in the accidents are minors. Listening to this, the children made a promise in front of the officials that, they would go back home and tell their parents that, they drive only after they become 18 years. Krishna Yedula, General Secretary of SCSC spoke on the occasion and advised children to be alert and also influence road safety measures on their parents.

In the second half of the session, the Rachakonda SHE teams presented an orientation, where they were educated on Good touch, and bad touch. They were also taught simple self defence tips, as to how they could protect themselves, in case they sensed danger from strangers. Awareness training was also given on their rights like till 14 years of age, every individual is entitled for free education, and employment below 18 years of age, being employed by anyone is a crime, and how they report it. Not only this, children are away from their parents, they should not mingle with strangers, to ensure their safety. Children how are they cheated by strangers and taken into different state, by trafficking and how they are subjected to different forms of atrocities was also explained to the children. Not only this, children were also trained as to how they can identify different forms of abuses like dowry harassment and bonded labour and how they can report it, was also shown to them.

Kit articles with important information was given out to the children for future reference. Post programme the children were seen interacting and calrifying their queries with the officials.

The programme saw the participation of Sunpreet Singh, DCP LB Nagar, DCP Traffic Divya Charan Rao, Additional CP G Sudhir Babu,. Telangana Tourism commissioner Mrs Sunita Bhagwat IFS, Devaiah of BBA, Addl DCPs Salima of She Team, Tajuddin & Manohar of Traffic, Venkat of Synchrony, Satish of Genpact other officials. (Maxim News)

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