Rahul Gandhi making baseless charges against Modi out of frustration: BJP

Hitting back at Rahul Gandhi, BJP on Monday said he was making untrue and baseless allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi due to his frustration over the “success” of the campaign against black money and corruption.

It said the Congress vice-president was afraid that the government’s ongoing action against corruption will result in expose of a number of graft cases involving his party leaders.

“Rahul Gandhi is frustrated and desperate due to success of Modi’s campaign against black money and corruption. He is perhaps most hurt by demonetisation, thus levelling untrue and baseless allegations. That is why he raked up charges which the Supreme Court had refused to take note of.

“He talks about the government not disclosing the names of people having unauthorised accounts in foreign banks. We have handed over the list to the SIT. Disclosing names will only help the suspects as our government then will not get help from these countries. This is what he wants,” BJP national secretary Shrikant Sharma said.

He noted that former Union minister Preneet Kaur’s names had cropped up in one such list of foreign account holders. She has maintained that she never had such an account.

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