SCR Cautions Public Not To Walk On Or Trespass Railway Tracks

Hyderabad, May 13 (Maxim News): South Central Railway (SCR) holds priority to Safety of public as foremost. Every effort is made to discourage people from indulging in any practice detrimental to their individual safety, including trespassing of Railway tracks. With train movements being very fast, trespassing of Railway tracks is a huge risk to the lives of people. Even during the present COVID-19 lockdown period, there is a continuous movement of Special Passenger carrying trains, Shramik Special trains, Goods trains, Parcel Express trains etc. Therefore, any trespassing of Railway tracks continues to remain risky.

It is therefore reiterated that the following precautions need to be taken by the General Public and Rail users.

Please do not walk on Railway tracks. For the convenience of migrant workers, Shramik Special trains are being run between various destinations as per requisition from State Governments. Therefore, the migrant workers can approach local State authorities to register for their travel needs.
Please do not trespass railway tracks at Railway stations or in mid-section. Make use of Foot Over Bridges, Subways, Road Over/Under Bridges, Rail crossings etc. to cross railway tracks. Please do not use mobile phones, while walking near to railway tracks or while boarding/alighting the trains.

Please do not gather or indulge in any activity or in the vicinity of railway tracks. Please do not indulge in any form of photography including taking selfie in the vicinity of railway tracks.

It shall also be noted that trespassing of Railway track is unlawful under Section 147 of the Railways Act, 1989 which entails punishment too. (Maxim News)

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