Special Drive on Holi Festival: 19.3 Kgs of Ganja in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Inview of HOLI Festival to prevent the youth to consume Ganja a special drive has been initiated as per the directions of C. Vivekandareddy DC Hyd under the guidance of B. Jyothikiran Excise Superintendent Hyderabad.

Yesterday night and early hours of Monday special raids have been conducted in Dhoolpet area and arrested (7) persons in (3) cases and altogether seized 19.3 Kgs of Dry Ganja from them.

Seized 16.5 Kgs(Sixteen and half kgs) of ganja and arrested Prakash singh (55) of Puppalaguda , Indra Bhai (45), of Balramgully and Nikesh singh (20) years of Gangavowli, at Indranagar , Mangalhot, Dhoolpet. One Honda activa No. TS 07EH 5134 also seized from them. Chotulal singh of Puppalaguda, Rangareddy district is absconding in this case.

During Conducting route watch seized (110) sachets of ganja of each (10) grams i e., 1.1kg ganja from Honda activa no. AP 09 BE 8575 and arrested Dhangar Prakash on the road Near Bharat Mata Temple , Jalihanuman Road, Mangalhot, in this case Langda Kishan @ Paya Kishan , (who supplyed the stock of Ganja to Dhangar Prakash) was found absconded from the scene of offence.

In another case raided the house at Boriya gully seized 1.7 kgsof Ganja i.e (1.3 kg loose ganja and 40 sachets of ganja each 10 grams ) from the possession of Ramesh singh (42), Chinnu bai (46) and Raswanthi bai (47) and arrested the 3 persons.

Total (7) persons were arrested in 3 cases and 19.3 Kgs of Ganja seized including (2) Honda Activa vehicles and another two accused were found absconded. In this raids were conducted under the supervision of N Anjireddy Asst Excise Superintendent Dhoolpet, by K. Saidireddy, Md. Ziauddin and B. Gangadhar Excise Inspectors Jaswanthnaidu, Yadaiah, Gopal S.Is and other staff members.

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