Teachers Booked Under PD Act

  • Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad detained two teachers, who involved in sexual offences on minor girl students, under P.D. Act.

Hyderabad, Sept. 29 (Maxim News): In ongoing drive against offenders in the Cyberabad Commissionerate, VC Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad has invoked the Detention order under the P.D Act as “Sexual Offenders” against the following two teachers.

Syed Akbar S/o Syed Jaffar, 55 years, N/o H.No. 4-8, Aloor village, Chevella Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Head Master of Govt. Upper Primary School, Muchinthal , Shamshabad.

He is native of Ranga Reddy District and Head Master of Upper Primary School, Muchinthal, Shamshabad. He misused his reputation and developed intimacy with a victim minor girl, who belongs to and former student of his school. Initially, he helped her in her further studies and gradually trapped her in his love. Further he kidnapped the victim and took her to Golconda Fort and married her by Nuptial knot and continued sexually assaulted the minor girl. This offence was occurred in Shamshabad Police Station of Cyberabad Police Commissionerate. The accused was arrested and remanded to judicial custody.

Dappu Santhosh Kumar S/o Ramulu, 25 yrs, R/o Raju colony, Balanagar, N/o Bijilipur village, Vatpally mandal, Sangareddy district, Private Teacher of St. Agatha Model High School, Samathanagar, Sanath Nagar.

He is a native of Sangareddy District and working as a private teacher in St. Agatha Model High School, Samathanagar, Sanathnagar. He acquainted with the victim minor girl who is pursuing X Class in his school. He gifted one cell phone to victim and gradually trapped her in his love. When the parents of victim noticed their conversations on phone, he took her to his relative house and confined for 12 days and sexually assaulted her to fulfill his sexual desires. This offence was occurred in Sanath Nagar Police Station of Cyberabad Police Commissionerate.

The above two sexual offenders being teachers of respective schools have committed wicked act of trapping minor girls in their love and sexually assaulted them by which loss of faith and trust among general public and pushed the entire teacher’s community in humiliation. The other student girls not only frightened but also felt insecure to go to school and talk to the male teachers. The parents of girl students got panicky and unwilling to send their children to the above schools.

Thus a large section of people especially minor & teenage girls and their parents remained under the fear and shock and there by adversely affecting the public order. Their acts has been prejudicial to the maintenance of public order and unless they have kept out of the society for a considerable period by detaining them in the prison under this act and to prevent them to commit such offences in due course.

Cyberabad CP VC Sajjanar, warned these type of inhumane teachers. Along with the PD act, stringent action will be taken on them, a communique said here today. (Maxim News)

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