TPCC Planning Karnataka Congress Style Of Electioneering

Hyderabad, Sept.30 (Maxim News): Telangana Congress party was contemplating to follow the footsteps of Karnataka State Congress party’s campaign model. They have decided to conduct meetings with UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi besides star campaigners’ whirlwind campaigns across the State.

The TPCC Campaign Committee was planning to make Sonia Gandhi, who accorded separate Telangana State, to participate in three big public meetings across the State. They were planning to conduct public meetings in north Telangana, south Telangana and in Hyderabad with Sonia Gandhi. On the lines of Karnataka, the Campaign Committee was planning to conduct 10 public meetings with Rahul Gandhi across the State.

The TPCC Campaign Committee comprising chairman Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and co-chairman DK Aruna, along with 15 others, including star campaigner Vijayashanthi, was chalking out the Congress party election campaign. The committee has decided to conduct meetings in mandal head quarters in 90 constituencies in 45 days.

The Campaign Committee was also contemplating to field Singing Teams to bring movement among the people. The party was also planning to produce short films prepared on the basis of the peoples’ opposition to TRS government. They were also planning to prepare effective wall posters besides putting their efforts to use the services of balladeer Gaddar and Vimalakka. (Maxim News)

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