TRS, BJP Govts Suppressing People’s Voice & Rights: Chada

Hyderabad, Jan. 26 (Maxim News): CPI State secretary Chada Venkat Reddy charged Telangana State and BJP government at Centre with suppressing people’s voice and their rights.

Unfurling national flag at party central office Makhdoom Bhavan to mark 71st Republic Day celebrations here on Sunday, Chada criticized the State government for denying people to enjoy their rights offered by Constitution. He also alleged that the BJP government at the Centre was resorting to religious politics. Since its beginning, the Modi government was violating the Constitution and denying people of their rights.

The CPI also slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing Citizenship Amendment Act creating unrest and panic among the people. “This Act was being opposed by many States and the Centre has to withdraw it”, he demanded. The CAA is very bad and against the interests of the people in the country. PM Modi was trying to bring Acts to suppress the people, he charged.

Venkat Reddy said the CAA has added woes to the people in North Eastern States which are on the boil. He also accused the Modi government of neglecting unemployment, poverty and other issues. (Maxim News)

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