Hyderabadi beautician Arumilli Vijay Lakshmi murdered in Film Nagar

Hyderabad: Banjara Hills police recovered body of a 28-year-old beautician from a photography studio in which she was working as an employee, in Film Nagar, on Tuesday.

The incident came to light on Wednesday when the family members had expressed doubts that she was murdered.

With autopsy reports, which came out on Wednesday morning confirming that she was murdered, police who earlier had suspected that she committed suicide are now probing the murder angle.

According to the police, the beautician, Arumilli Vijay Lakshmi alias Sireesha called her husband Satish Chandra around 8:40 pm on Monday and informed that she would come home late.

On Tuesday morning, Chandra received a phone call from police asking him come to RJ Photography studio where she was found hanging.

“She was working at the studio as Human Resources manager, “police said.

Sources said, owner of the studio, Vallabhanebi Rajiv, and another person has been arrested for questioning.

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