Missing Amboju Naresh allegedly slain by Swathi’s father

Hyderabad: The love story of Naresh and Swathi, an inter-caste affair, having all the ingredients of a Tollywood pot boiler, culminated on a tragic note after police unraveled the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of Naresh since May 1.

The investigating officers claimed that Naresh was murdered in a case of “honour killing” by his beloved’s father Srinivas Reddy. Earlier, Swathi on coming to know that Naresh was missing allegedly committed suicide on May 16 at her residence in Bhongir of Nalgonda district.

It may be recalled here that Amboji Naresh, a Rajaka youth, and Swathi, belonging to an affluent Reddy family, had become friends through the social media. Their friendship led to love and both got married against the wishes of their parents and were living in Mumbai.

It is stated on persistent requests from Swathi’s father and his promise to perform their marriage, both Naresh and Swathi reached Bhongir. It was alleged that soon after the couple landed at Swathi’s place, the girl was forcibly detained and Naresh suddenly went missing since May 1. Naresh’s parents expressed fears about threat to their son’s life from Swathi’s family. They had even lodged a complaint of missing with the police. Meanwhile, Swathi allegedly committed suicide on May 16. Her father Srinivas Reddy alleged that his daughter was tortured for dowry by Naresh and his family forcing her to take to the extreme step.

The love story saw many twists and turns even as the whereabouts of Naresh turned out to be a mystery. His parents and even Dalit organizations alleged that the police were not taking interest to resolve the missing case of Naresh and\that they were hand in glove with Srinivas Reddy in the matter. The issue at last reached the door steps of the High Court when the parents of Naresh filed a petition about their missing son. The court then directed the police to ensure that either Naresh was produced in
the court by June 1 or submit their findings regarding his disappearance.

In yet another surprise twist in the drama, the police seemed to have swiftly swung into action with the High Court deadline hearing. Srinivas Reddy was stated to have been arrested along with two others and interrogated. The police claimed that Srinivas Reddy had confessed to his crime of physically eliminating Naresh.

According to the police story, Srinivas Reddy had murdered Naresh and burnt his body using old tyres in the land which was in the name of Swathi. Later, the ashes were stated to have been collected and thrown in River Musi.

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