6th Phase Of Haritha Haram To Start From June 20: Indrakaran

Hyderabad/Nirmal, June 6 (Maxim News): The sixth phase of the Telangana Ku Harithaharam will be commenced from June 20 , Minister for Environment and Forests A. Indrakaran Reddy, conducted a video conference with the Forest Department officials of all districts at Aranya Bhavan about the plans of the program. The Minister sought from the officers of district-wise measures were taken on the objectives of the plantation to be planted during this year and also the condition of the old plants till to date.

In the Conference R. Shobha, PCCF explained the Minister that, So far, 151 crores were planted outside the forests and 30 crores were planted inside. Minister enquired the percentage of survival plants of the last five phases. The minister had instructed the officials to ensure that plants should be 100 per cent survived. Officials explained to the minister that over 85% of the forest plantations had good results, and that the percentage of plants planted by other departments and outlying areas was lower. As the government is strictly adhering to the Panchayati Raj Act, the Minister suggested that the plantation should be planted with the technical support of the Forest Department in villages and towns. The Forest Department is also

complying with the rules of survival of 85% of the plants planted in the same manner as the Panchayati Raj Act, or the relevant forest departmental officer and staff were made responsible for failing to comply said Shobha.

In the sixth Phase, she explained to the minister that the target of planting 20 crores of planting in the forests and outside 1.90 crore of plants within the forests. Districts wise and departments have already set their targets for the respective authorities. According to officials, the forest department have gone to each urban and rural nurseries and instructed them on how to carry out the plantation process. The Minister of Forests has instructed the officials to ensure to meet the local public representatives while carrying out the process.

The Minister pointed out that with more than 80 days of lockdown the environment seen improvement and to trail in future. The minister suggested to wear green colour mask with a printed logo of Telangana Ku Harithaharam on it. The minister said that this time it will be a good rains expecting, the targets must be completed, should be done geo-tagging as reported by the concerned department.

The Minister said that high sized plants from nurseries should be taken first for planting to the suitable soils. This time, the tamarind plantation may be taken to meet the requirement of Telangana to avoid tamarind imports in future. The avenue plantation is well developed along the villages, state and national high way roads. The casualties should be replaced with the plants of good heights to fill the gaps.

The process of Harithaharam should be brought under the purview of audit. It is made clear that

the percentage of survival and the percentage of greenery increased by the third party should be


Everybody has to act in accordance with the aspirations of Chief Minister; KCR to grow greenery of 33% of the forests. On the other hand, the minister was focused the progress on collection of Beedi leaves in this season.

In this conference, PCCF (HoFF). Shobha and Additional PCCFs: Lokesh Jaiswal, RM Dobriel, Swargam Srinivas, MC Pargein, Sidhanand Kukreti, and Conservator of Forests of Hyderabad and Rangareddy, Chandrasekhara Reddy, Sunita Bhagwat and officials of all districts are participated. (Maxim News)

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