ACB Telangana launched e-office system and legal cell app

Hyderabad, Dec 30 (Maxim News): Director General, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Telangana, A.K.Khan, in the presence of Ms. Charu Sinha, Director, other senior officials and staff of ACB, Telangana launched e-office system, a Government Mission Mode Project to go for paperless administration in the ACB, Head Quarters, Hyderabad here on Friday.

The main objective of e-office system is to improve transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and also to make it convenient to employees to work at any point of time and from any place. The launching of e-Office system will enable the ACB, Telangana to go for paperless administration.

Along with e-Office, the DG, ACB A. K. Khan, also launched an indigenously developed Web and Android based Legal Cell Application for the effective and close monitoring of all the ACB Cases which are pending before various Special Courts. This application is developed with the technical assistance of Gray Logic, IT Solutions Company, Hyderabad. It is a user-friendly, customised android legal application. This will enable all the ACB Officials including the Legal Advisers, Public Prosecutors and senior officials to closely supervise the production of Witnesses and the performance of witnesses and stage of the ACB cases pending before the courts on day-to-day bases. This Prosecution Monitoring Application(Court) helps for easy online monitoring of the performance of the Investigating Officer of the ACB and also helps for giving suitable instructions by the senior officers on day to day basis to improve the performance in the court work. Last year, a unique Cyber Cell was also opened by DG, ACB A. K. Khan, for giving technical assistance to the investigating officers of the Bureau.

With the launching of exclusive Cyber Cell, e-Office System and Legal Cell APP for ACB, the ACB, Telangana became the first ACB Unit in the Country to go for technology based investigation and digitalised administration. (Maxim News)


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