AICC Secretary Sampath Kumar Targets TRS MPs

Hyderabad, Sept.20 (Maxim News): AICC secretary SA Sampath Kumar today demanded Nagarkurnool MP P Ramulu to ask Chief Minister KCR about the implementation of Rs.3000 to unemployed youth scheme, which was a poll Promise of ruling TRS party. He made these remarks while referring to the demand of the Nagarkurnool MP in parliament to the central government to pay Rs.5000 per month to the unemployed youth and those from SC and ST communities.

In a statement, he also targeted the ruling TRS party’s Rajya Sabha MP K. Keshava Rao. Referring to the statement of Rao in the upper house of the parliament about the pile of Covid 19 patients’ dead bodies in a hospital, he asked Rao whether such tragic scenes were not being witnessed by his party CM KCR and the health minister of the state. He said that the congress party was also stating the same facts on the Covid 19 issue. (Maxim News)

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