Appropriate Action Needed To End The Israel-Hamas War

Riyadh.Channels/Hyderabad, Nov 11 (Maxim News):  The ongoing war between Hamas and Israel does not seem to be stopping any time soon.  It has been more than a month since this war started, the fight between the two factions continues.

Especially, Israel is rushing towards the goal of ending Hamas.  Pursuing Hamas with airstrikes as well as ground operations.  In this background, the Arab countries are calling to stop this war.  Americal also requested but the purpose is nill.  At such a moment, Iran has recently made harsh comments against America alleging that America is continuing this war.  To this extent, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi made sensational comments. 

Arab and Islamic countries held a summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the current war between Hamas and Israel.  President of Iran Ibrahim Raisi participated in this conference.  However, before leaving for this conference, he made some important remarks at the Tehran airport.  He said that if the crisis in Gaza is to be resolved, appropriate actions must be taken and mere words are not enough.  He said that the unit of Islamic countries is important for this.  Moreover, he said that the summit held in Saudi Arabia would send a strong message to the warmongers (those who expand the war) and its effect will lead to the cessation of attacks on Palestine. 

Ibrahim Raisi stated that the US is saying that it does not want to prolong the war and that it should think of a solution immediately because of the loss of lives of ordinary citizens.  This message has been sent to many countries including Iran. 

However, the actions of America are not consistent with that statement.  Should the war in Gaza continue? or stop? it is in the hands of America.  He said that America is helping Israel to continue its attacks in Gaza in violation of the ceasefire agreement.  The countries of the world should take note of America’s true nature, Raisi said.  (Maxim News)

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